Great Recruiting is Very Hard Work

great recruiting is hard work

Recruiting is heavy lifting

Great recruiting is hard work. Search, search, search, then search, search, search. Can you imagine searching for an operations manager under the term operations manager, and going through all you can find and not have enough candidates?

That is our life here. Always thinking and finding new ways to find very hard to find talent means that many other recruiters are always trying to protect their candidates. We are unusual as regularly kill our own candidates as find real data that kills them. It is sad for both us and our customers.

We often have one candidate and kill that candidate. Good news is we find what they need, but you can imagine how great the temptation is to hide the data when it kills your only candidate, and you have to go search again knowing no one in your mind. So recruiters do not do this unless they work here. It is just too hard and then they hope you cannot discover how you sold them a tricky operations manager. Of course they know other recruiters do the same so feel little pressure.

Great Recruiting is Hard Work But So Valuable

We do the deep work as feel it is nonsense to send you people we choose not to know well. We search even though we will likely kill them if we know them well. See also 11 Thing You Need for Excellent Executive Search China.

We can do this as know from experience that with enough sweat and perhaps tears, the right person can be found.

Can you imagine how careful I am about recruiting recruiters? We have to be of one heart and spirit to do this well. The temptation to cover up or even take a payment from a candidate is always very real.  The first people who must be clean must be the recruiters as they then have a heart to find others of the same spirit. I think that is why we are very much alone doing this recruiting that is very hard work for our thankful customers.


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