Great Resumes or Great Hires?

Great Resumes or Great Hires?

Great Resumes or Great Hires is an easy question to ask. Everyone would say great hires. However, once hiring managers and HR managers get a resume they seem to forget.

For example, you need someone who can lead production and know Six Sigma. The resume can say that and interview can draw that out.

However, will the resume say if he is lazy or tends to hire C players?  Will it say he got fired at his last job?  Or will it say that he covers up problems instead of facing them?

Will the resume and interview prove he is trustworthy, capable and hard working?

If you do just a simple background check and call his old boss, will he say his old hire was a bad hire? See Also Why We Background Check at SHI Group.

What if you find they were unemployed for a year in the resume stage? How should you see it? So many details and things to have the right thought on. (if unemployed for a year, we say , it depends. Nothing is simple in people)

Let’s Solve Great Resumes or Great Hires

You need consistently great hires. How do you get them?

Some people ask us if we can background check someone they found. We almost always refuse.  Only a complete integrated system will get you consistently great hires.  That is all we want to do.

How do you get a recruiter to know what is in your heart for the next hire? Does the recruiter care to and know how to dig it out?  Will they keep trying until they get to understanding?

That is just the first step. If that is done poorly, then the right candidates cannot be found unless by extreme luck.

What if unemployed for a year?

Then interviewing which I wrote about last week and then right thinking on background check.

Understandably, many people throw up their hands as nothing less then an integrated process really eliminates the dice roll. See also Use Data to Hire Smarter.

Amazingly, we cost only a little more as have mastered the process.  SHI Group knows your ROI on using the integrated process is worth the money, so we only do that. We cannot imagine throwing mud at the wall every day to see what sticks. We know we place people who stick and are who they say they are.


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