Gut Feel Recruiting Versus the Facts

Gut Feel Recruiting Versus the Facts

I saw a Quote that made me think of gut feel recruiting versus the facts even though the article is about science.

But the scientific community is nervous. Science – and specifically the scientific method – is at risk in an era of fake news, anti-expert feeling, and science denialism. Healthy scepticism is at the heart of the scientific method and scientists believe in challenging today’s knowledge to best uncover truth. But denialism is different. Denialism is the refusal to accept established facts.

gut feel recruiting

Science and recruiting both need facts foremost

Gut Feel Recruiting Undone By Facts

By personality, I am a skeptic who naturally doubts anything new or different. That is why I developed a recruiting model where we choose to first doubt until facts can prove a candidate trustworthy. I strongly encourage skepticism in our gut feel recruiting confidence.

I hear people touting, “Leadership 101:  follow your gut instincts”   If we think about it, I think most of us could come back to “Listen to your gut, and check for facts to prove or disprove.”

Few people will say gut feel recruiting is the way though some will like the 101 quote above.

However, most hiring managers unknowingly have a shocking amount of confidence in their gut feel recruiting even in China. Denialism is not helping either.  It is understandable. I commonly find managers in factories who should have been fired 10 years ago, but they are strong enough politicians to stay afloat for so long that the guy who hired him never figured out that he cost the company $100,000 a year with that hire. Very few hiring managers would even want to know actually.

It is very hard to understand what is going on in the head of your Chinese managers or even in your China operation even if people say yes when they mean yes.

It is infinitely harder if you hire a great actress who then learns how to manipulate you more inside your company.  They can cheat you for years, and you never or too late knew it was them. See Also Recruitment Agency China Needs Great Thinking

Facts Won Over Gut Feel in Operations

In factories and service companies gut feel ruled for generations.  Once people started using data, operations changed forever.  Do you remember the struggle to overcome common wisdom in factories? It was a lot of work, but most factories today are data driven.

Recruiting is still in the dark ages

I got into recruiting because I have a great eye for talent. However, I came to realize that data was better than gut feel and much more consistent. My heart for quality won over my confidence in my good eye. It has helped a lot of companies since then. I see some companies in an effort to standardize use pre prepared formatted questions or points to tick off. We find that we need to tick off items but find the interview must be free.  See Also 11 Things You Need for Excellent Executive Search China

Each person is different and chasing their story and the details takes more curiosity. Standardizing the interview can actually reduce data intake.  When you fill in a number from 1-10 on leadership, you think you are gathering data, but your gut feel rules the number you put in the box.  Gut feel sneaks in everywhere.

We find that Facts are hard to find but eye opening and let them rule the recruiting process.  We explicitly dethrone gut feel recruiting,  See Also Predictive Analytics Recruiting: Small Data Rules

We hope that science will let facts speak in a difficult time, and we surely will find facts and let them speak in our work at SHI Group.

See also 11 Things You Need for Excellent Executive Search China


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