Hard Days in China, How Do We Face?

hard days in ChinaWith the Chinese government sticking to Dynamic 0 Covid policies while being hard on businesses, these are hard days in China. Some Western Companies will have to pull back or slow down here. Others can still move forward, but must be smarter and make careful moves These are not the days to play China business as usual.

Definitely, hiring needs a search for talent. However, hiring also now needs a careful eye to consider the attitude and character of new hires. Attitude can be influenced by things they hear in culture. It is also influenced by their own desire to get rich quick. Others have a tendency to think of themselves first and the company second. We sniff out such problems and protect you from hiring them. You need great hires and sending resumes is not a consistent win for you.

Hard Days in China? We Need To Be Smarter

SHI Group knows you need speed. We work fast and hard to get you all of what I write above.  SHI Group also works hard to treat all candidates quite well as we are your representatives in the employment market. We hope you can find time to quickly interview appropriate candidates. The candidates need the phone to ring more often.

When we contact, we must care for each candidate every day all the time. You best do the same, but you have a day job that is not recruiting. The candidates must sometimes wait. Candidates understand short times. 1 week is the boundary before damage starts. Time costs you, and the more time they look at the quiet phone, the harder it gets for them to keep a good attitude.

So we are with you in this time which we hope is not the new normal.

You need hiring to be a first time hit. Fortunately, that is where SHI Group excels. We are the best recruiter in China at making sure you get the right hire the first time. Come enjoy our over 95% first time success rate. See also In The Chinese Business Storm.


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