How to Have a Great Company in China

have a great China companyI want to discuss more aspects of a great company in China. Last week, I wrote on getting trainable workers who will be learning at all times. That is one big step.

Values are another important topic.   If my top 3 values are 1. make money any way 2. put friends before work always 3. do personal work at work to save personal time.

Then how will your business run?  None of these are found on the resume. Few will show this in the interview.

Do you want people to be open and able to have great discussions internally and externally? What kind of people can do that and represent your values in each case?  In the interview, people will talk as best they can with you and follow your thinking trying to get the job offer.

When you are not around, it will usually be a different story. The interview and resume will not uncover that.

Candidates Exist Who Can Give You a Great Company in China

Interestingly, some people will be a little awkward in the interview, but will represent you well to include your values when they work for you. What I mean, as an example,  is they will hire A players and develop them not fearing being replaced.

Bad hires are damaging in so many hard to find places. Great hires are also invisibly helping you in great ways including being a good representative of your values.  As All Chinese People are Trained Politicians, we need to be aware that they will naturally say what you want to your face, but not be thinking that in their heart like all politicians.   It is impossible to parse even half the time.  We did not go to background checking all candidates because we thought it would be fun. We found it was necessary, and the more we uncovered, the more committed we became.


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