Having Chinese HR Handle Recruiters – A Big Mistake

having Chinese Hr handle Recruiters Being in HR is a powerless thankless job. I feel for them. However, I also see the pitfall of having your Chinese HR handle recruiters.

Chinese HR has several tendencies and positional problems that make them high risk to handle recruiting any significant position.

Somehow they see themselves as a cost center. Their key job is to lower costs. Thus they lose sight of value. It is hard to even talk with them about value.

They feel they must prove their value, so they cannot admit when they do not understand.

Problematically, they do not understand business.  They are powerless so really do not invest. Chinese HR usually just watch costs as they are a cost center or see it that way.

They also are left searching for ways they can be of value. No one wants them to be a spy trying to know the pulse of the business, so they often cannot do this kind of needed people work.

Having Chinese HR Handle Recruiters is a Deep Problem

Instead, they are often mean to candidates as this is one place they have some power. This is exactly what you do not want. They are often mean to recruiters or collude with them to get money from candidates. They rarely agree on hiring excellent candidates.

Part of their problem in not understanding a good candidate is they do not know the business. Thus, they cannot see beyond the price of the guy and whether he or she will bow to them.  They have cost focus and need for more power in their powerless position. Unfortunately, as they gain more power, things do not get better. We still recommend you hire low level hr to do paper work and make hiring managers take responsibility for hiring.

You may need to give them education on how to interview, but they at least know what the business is about from a better perspective. OK, some hiring managers are also corrupt as you did not think about that when hiring. That is another issue to face separately. See also 11 Needs for Excellent Executive Search China.  I think Chinese HR will be ready in a generation or two.


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