Hiring a China Branch Manager

hiring a China branch manager with the right first step Hiring a branch manager in China is an important step that needs right consideration.  You need a recruiter who will dig deep to ensure that the hire has both the ability and openness you need so you can succeed in the market and have eyes to openly show you the market as well. But let me me back up a little.

Whether your branch manager is your first hire in China, simply another branch, and/or a replacement, you need this hire to know something about your market and have connections in the market. This person needs to have leadership ability and be able to develop and manage a team. They need some strategic thinking as well as be able to close a deal. So, yes the branch manager needs to bring something to the table.   People who can interview well and make you feel she has this are many more than those who can. Filtering them is the trick that we have refined our skills on these 14 years. We know the way to find draw in and know the right candidates so you get the Branch Manager you need.

Hiring a China Branch Manager With Talent is Our Style

We love doing that. Seeing you prosper in China with a branch that opens your eyes and helps you see the market makes us smile. The hire must not be a ‘this is China‘ leader who makes excuses but one who can contextualize your business model to succeed in the special dynamics of this market. Further, you need one that is hands on and not sitting in the office as so many do.

You can have a successful branch when you decide to have one with what we do to understand your needs and place the right talent. We are glad to help you in this important step




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