Hiring A Players or A Manipulators

hiring a playersMichael Harper wrote an article about Hiring A Players. To assist, he listed 7 questions to ask in an interview. His is lost but republshed now.  He had 36,832 likes in that original post.  

Who do you think is taking the most notes on what he wrote?

Of the 36,832 likes, how many liked because it taught them how to prepare to be interviewed? How many liked as they are hiring managers? How many of the hiring managers also liked as it may help them land a new job? It is easy to change your resume to match his form he gives and easy to interview and pretend you are like this. That is the problem.  

Hiring A Players But Get the A Manipulators?

I think most companies are more likely to hire an A manipulator than an A player. I often hear people say they started by getting 50-50 on good hires. The writer also said this, and I imagined he improved. If you had a machine that produced 50% good parts, would you be glad with a 20% improvement over ten years? I guess it is worth it to seek real expertise.  

Guess who else improved?  Guess who are the A manipulators. Candidates for senior management. Hiring A Candidates needs a lot a good objective data to make sure. Make sure it all gets dug up. 

72% of all hires are manipulating according to our data. The average is over 80% for top management and salesmen. So if the writer felt he had 50% good hires then quite a few had manipulated him and, even after working for some time, they could not be identified. The most toxic managers are excellent at knowing how to manipulate their boss. They are the biggest drain on you.  Once they get on the team, they learn the bosses weakness and can manipulate them even better. Read a Lencioni book called The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive for a leadership fable showing this problem. Actually Mikey in his book the The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team is a classic case. It is so common that two of his books which are not on hiring note this problem as part or the key part of the main problem for the companies involved.  

One pointer we would add. A players do not need to hide their experience even if it looks ugly on paper. They know who they are. 

We often see the wreckage when people play the odds on a good hire. You may also want to read Pull the Trigger to Help You Both.  Gladly, we do a lot before the wreckage, but also can help in times of wreckage. Another way to think about the A Manipulators is they are skillful. Beware the skillful. 

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