Hiring Great Bosses in China – Needs More

hiring great bosses in ChinaHiring Great Bosses in China is not an easy trick, but they are out there. Alexandru Baloi put up 5 steps to be a great boss.  Our experience is many guys can speak out the principles to be a great boss in the interview. Baloi put up excellent thought that anyone could find and use in the interview. So why do we think interviews are suspect. This is why.

Chinese people are experts on making a good first impression. They often see truth as very malleable. Say what the parents, teachers and then hiring managers want to hear.  That is what the culture here teaches them.

This falls to another question though. How many recruiters know what great leadership is? They may have read it, though most have not, but have they tried to lead that way? Do they know what it means tio get the job done?

Only then can they ask the insightful questiuons that draw out who will inspire the team and who will discourage the team. You need recruiters who know leadership, and can kick out those who are not, so you do not have to filter those people out yourself.  You also may like to read Executive Recruitment China Choose Right Leaders.

Hiring Great Bosses in China Needs More

Of course even among those who can tell a good story of great leadership they have done there are still a lot who will only be found out through a very wise process including a deep deep background check. That is to say that the bosses who are the most  trouble are very hard to catch. They have attractive looking resumes and can talk in detail about all their impressive achievements, but most is not true. Another read is Shockingly They Do Not Like the Manager You Hired.

Really, good bosses are hard to find.   a number will  have experience, some have real leadership, many are lost as not enough english, more are lost as find not  enough character. Knowing the whole package is critical, and we are the ones who find it.

The right boss reduces unwanted attrition and gets and keeps customers by the team he or she can develop. They also help you sleep at night as they are who they say they are. That is the work we do.





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