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hiring is people focusedHiring is people focused is a no brainer I suppose, but lets take a look at this topic and see what we can do.

You hire people and not resumes is the first step.  Resumes often get us going the wrong way actually. We may be thinking people, and then the resume shows up, and it is all about experience and maybe schooling.  Somehow, people loose their focus on needing the right person.  People start saying this person changed jobs too much. What they mean is that this person is not as good. Yet, they cannot step back and say, “I wonder what bad thing happened to this person.”

Hiring is People Focused But Hard to Keep It That Way

In a perfect world everyone works for 5-10 years at every assignment. The world is far from perfect. Toxic cultures are common and man companies can pretend to be better or even think they are better. Very few bosses can say they have a toxic company culture yet employees say they are common.

I think we should reward a guy who worked for 6 months at a toxic company and then quit and accepted unemployment for 6 months before finding new job. His resume would look bad. It shows how he has suffered if you can see it.

Well, some guys with such a resume are bad hires, but many are not. Unfortunately, we assume the worst. Oh, and if you assume the best, bad hire may burn you.

SHI Group steps past this problem, by seeing each resume and then digging to find out what really happened. We can find many gems this way, but not everyone is a gem.  SHI Group must sift through much mud to find the gem.  Our customers do best to see that the ugly resume we send is someone more than the ugly resume.

Our job is to find all the diamonds be they clear or in the rough. Diamonds are rarely guys with great resumes as candidates fake those. The world is just this way. It takes a deeper look to find the real person beyond the resume and interview.

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