Hiring Learners to Lead Works

hiring learners to leadIn interviewing SHI Group always asks how they learned the things they know. Why do we do this? You need candidates that can learn from you and also learn from other stakeholders. We all learn things from others somehow. Are we thankful? Can candidates see who helped them, or is life all about them and no one else? Let’s think about how hiring learners to lead works.

We find candidates who can name bosses or others they have learned from to be better hires. Most candidates say I did this or I did that which is OK, but when asked the best candidates say something  like, “Mike helped me to become a better leader.”

These people are teachable and able to keep learning and not just about themselves. For example they need to learn how you do business and not just stand in judgement over it. You need hires who want to learn what you have and contribute what they have in a very positive way.

It is better to be around people who praise others and not just themselves.  These people make much better leaders and are much better to work for and with. They are also more truthful as everyone needs more than their own thought to succeed in life.

Hiring Learners to Lead Takes Work

As with anything, candidates can learn to say that Mike helped them if that it what they think you want to hear.

That is why the background check is so critical.  We can draw out of verified references how this guy learned and often find out he or she were filled with themselves on the job. These people prove to be bad hires. Only an integrated interview and deep background check can get get these guys out. The good news is this does lead to the right hire.

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