Hiring Not Easy With AI Backed Candidates

AI Backed Candidates AI backed Candidates? AI is helping fakes get even better. Oh my.  Earlier, I noted most of the people who list as employees of my company on LinkedIn never did work for me ever.

Now, some researchers at NPR looked into pictures and proved that thousands of profiles are faked to include the picture.   The pictures and profiles are computer generated using AI support.

There is a lot of facts that candidates on their own have always faked.  In this era, many are getting AI support to create more perfect profiles.

Talk about buyer beware. A huge number of people can fake an interview based on computer generated resumes using their resume as a base. Idealized candidates could appear more and more.

To us this is no big problem. Well, it is more wasted time to get to the right people. What I mean is our rigorous recruiting can sniff out small falsehoods and so easily peg big issues like guys faking much of their resume.

Gradually, the water is getting deeper and deeper.  Other China based resume aggregators should be even messier.  Glad we are out front of this.  See this on LinkedIn. And This.

Fortunately, good candidates exist, but they are often hard to find as they are honest, and that is not nearly as glitzy.

AI Backed Candidates Raise the Bar On How Far Candidates Can Go

Could you imagine that the picture above is not an actual person? Everything thing there is computer generated and found on LinkedIn with 369 connections. This led to them digging more and finding 1000’s.

LinkedIn and the Chinese sites are free reign for anybody to say they are anybody, I once complained to LinkedIn that someone listed as my company CEO. LinkedIn never even bothered to respond. How could they really? How would they sort this out?  It is free app that candidates can say anything they want, and they do. Now AI can help them do it better.



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