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resume and interview

What makes you say yes to the candidate?

Resume and interview are suspect methods and this article made me nod my head. This quote may seem a little off topic, but hang with me.  See whole article here

People with autism face a particular challenge getting hired because of the traditional interview process, which tends to reward candidates with smooth social skills. “A job interview is often the worst way to determine if an autistic applicant is qualified for a given position. The interview is all about social communication: how good is your eye contact, how reassuring is your tone of voice, how fluent is your speech,” said Bascom. “We recommend that, rather than a traditional job interview, the company provide a more practical way of assessing a prospective employee’s skills.”

Resume preparation is a skill. Interviewing is a skill  Purchasing is a skill. Finance is a skill. General Management is a skill. You have to decide what you most need. The best interviewee is rarely the best worker.

Resume and Interview Are Not What We Think

Why do we hire on resume and interview?  Why do we do this when we have no professional ability beyond having done this in a non professional way repeatedly?

At SHI Group do this every day all the time and my 19 years of focus on this topic added up to all we have. Surely I and now my team are over the proverbial 10,000 hours on this topic. Our passion for understanding people drove us here, and got us where we are.  But….

We do not put the last word on resume and interview

10,000 hours seeking talent and trustworthiness proved that interview and resume are nice, but often get us only the person who is best at interview and resume despite our efforts otherwise. You may also like Perfect China Interviewing Equals Perfect China Hiring?

So in 2008, I started working on background checks that were practical and effective.  I never guessed that most good interviewees have simply learned to lie better than others.  With that I opened my own business in 2009 though we still had much to learn. We get more committed and more skilled day by day since that time. We have found the key and will not turn back. What do you think about interview and resume? Reaching toward 6 sigma success? or just wed to traditional ways because they feel good?

I think we can adapt better than that.


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