Hiring People You Like The Most?

Hiring people you like the mostIn all the world, hiring who you like is common and also risky business, yet people do it all the time. We work to take the risk out of that process.

How about we unpack that?

Hiring people we do not like is not the answer, but it does raise another issue.

In business, we seek to hire people who can bring us more value than they cost in salary. We also seek to find someone with the ability we need who we can also get along with. This is so reasonable.

Some hiring managers are classic in hiring the person they like the most. That is the most risky behavior.

Hiring People We Like the Most is So Risky

China has a lot of people who use the interview as a chance to warm you up. All their lives, they watch people’s eyes and manipulate them with the right words to make them happy.

We must especially beware of these people. People who are adept at manipulating us are the biggest problem, and we must run from them.  How can you know the difference between the people who are genuine and the people who are not? In most cases you are also Managing Them Remotely.

We do this business of getting all the data and are sorry to say that the people who capture your heart the most are usually not going to pass our background check. In fact, they often are the most memorable in the background check as we often find that nothing they said was true. Or we find that everyone who worked for them is uncomfortable with them. From the background check, they prove to be the very worst hires while in the interview they were the very best.

Our integrated system including our smart deep background check draws out what no normal recruiter can or wants to.  Our process also brings to the surface people that you will be delighted to work with for a very long time. They might not be as hot in the interview as the professional manipulators, but they are just right and real every day.

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