Hiring Weak People- might need to let that person go to end that practice

A classic techniques used in China is for an insecure Chinese leader to hire weak people to work for him so no one is a threat. This is especially effective if oversight is in Bloomington. However,I have seen it occur right under the nose of  Western GM’s where people under them were blatantly doing it and the Westerners felt trapped as this guy was so valuable and there was no one to replace him with!

Do not feel trapped. Better people can be found and the right people will surprise you and make you so glad you pulled the trigger.

Coaching can sometimes help in situations where the talented person has some bad behaviors. However, it is often a better plan to find another person in these cases.  In a land of 1.3 Billion people another widget expert can be found who is better and has the right attitude and is teachable as well.  Be brave. It is worth it.  However, do not randomly replace. Character thinking is needed or you could be right back where you started from.


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