Hiring Your 1st Person in China

hiring your 1st person in ChinaHiring your 1st person in China is critical as you may imagine. What do you put into it?

SHI Group puts in the best recruiting in China as it is just that important.

This first person will usually impact all future work you do in China. They will educate you about China in a way that is true, or if bad hire will deceive and harm you here.

This person may manage or even choose the next people you hire. Furthermore, they will be your window to China for the long haul if all done well. Return on the investment for good or ill is really quite high. We make your return high on the good side time and again.

We partner with you to watch your back in places you may not have considered, but those places are the ones that have harmed companies the most. Good people exist in China, and it takes the extra mile we go to get them every time.

Hiring Your 1st Person in China Right is a Good Picture

It is a great picture that we love to bring to life time and again for our customers in their first hire in China.  Sometimes, we take an extra day to check just a little more completely and our customers may get a little anxious, bit uncovering the bad hire or confirming the good hire are worth it. It is all valuable in our search for the right hire the first time.

At SHI Group, we love our work and take each assignment on with passion.  We treat each candidate as the person we would hire ourselves as this is the way we like to run our business.

Then, the satisfied customers multiply. We so far ahead in our 95% successful placements that we are glad to raise the flag, and say we can help you more too. We want to give you  good experience in China and know how.

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