How Can We Help Your China Recruitment Process?

China recruitment processThe crap shoot of recruiting in China is no easy business, so we worked hard to develop a made for China recruitment process to get the right people the first time and to find the diamonds in the rough.

However, you our customers have your own experience and way of handling recruiting.

How do you handle it? What is your way of getting the right people?

You are the owner of the process. We want to mesh with you and give you and thought you need to do this better in China to see if that works with you.

What is in Your China Recruitment Process?

We ask questions like

Who will be involved in the process for you?

How much English do you need in the candidate?

Do you have any experience with background checks? How do they work for you?

How fast will you be available if we have candidates?

Do you need our support to make an offer?

What are your top three needs for this person to accomplish in the role?

How can this role help you make more money?

Do you need help to get a good budget estimate?

In other ways, we also ask to help the client to clarify their thinking very specifically.

We also ask questions about your organization as the candidates will want to know.

Together, we should think how our process will fit with your process.

Generally, we have a much more rigorous process than any of our customers have seen before.

SHI Group needs to mesh our extra into what customers want to do to satisfy their process. We certainly live to help customers with their process. Furthermore,  SHI Group will also mesh ours to get them great candidates that otherwise might not be discovered. You may also want to read Hiring and Recruiting Process 12 Thoughts to Do Well.

Yes, we need to hear from our customers and draw out their thinking.  A great recruiting process needs us both. Do not forget that Getting to Know Our Customers is Key For Us.


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