How Should We See Management Training in China?

training management in ChinaManagement Training in China is an important topic that needs more thinking and perhaps more money. Let’s talk about who to train and then four basic paths.

Companies do training to improve the behavior and even attitude of their management. Problem is companies often do not know enough to enter in.

Each training attendee has their experience and their character.  Their character development is of vast value, but training can almost never touch something like making people better people. This would be changing their attitude or ethics. It could be issues of how they view the value of others and on and on. These topics are valuable, but they are almost never moved by training for any money.

If people of character lack certain skills like time management or understanding kinds of personalities, it can help.  However, an unteachable person will not gain anything from training. They only listen to themselves, and you will not change that.

Training junior people on issues related to your culture  is surely of value and should be done in various creative ways.  Unfortunately,  if you have a value of integrity, that is a character issue, and you will not change that. You would have to hire for such issue and rarely can a recruiter touch such issues. SHI Group China uniquely specializes in finding candidates who reliably have such values.

Let’s Talk About a Few Forms of Management Training in China

The first is in house incoming and continuing training to get people on the same page. HR often handles that. However, if senior managers do not attend continuing training, then everyone sees how valid it is.

Another kind of training I will call Amcham like. These create good networking opportunities and can round out people’s experience.  One would really need to look to see if any given group meets needs you have.

Some companies bring outside trainers in. It is hard for trainers to handle larger groups as people come with very different levels to face any training.  Our company is an authorized trainer for Overcoming 5 Dysfunctions or a Team facilitation. We learned it as it is the only team training we know that creates real and lasting team work improvement for teams of character.

Some larger companies offer MBA or other online courses, This can be valuable as is individualized and in China you can sign people to a training agreement, so they will stay after you help them.  Regrettably, I see companies do this and finally understand they have invested in the wrong person. The character issue bites them again.

Training tricky people adds to the trouble as you gave skills to someone who is not on the same page as you are. They can now hurt your team more skillfully.

So, training of various kinds can be valuable, but usually only if your recruiter has enough diligence and insight on character to get right hires.


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