How to Get a Good Headhunter for Your Business and Use Them Well

right good headhunter

Strategic or recruit like a beauty contest?

Many have the question:”How do I get a good headhunter for my business? ” They further ask, “How should I use a headhunter?” Here are my answers to these two good questions.  Hope you can implement successfully.

A Good Headhunter for Your Business has the Following:

1. Desire to understand you and your company’s specific needs

2.  Manpower to focus on your needs

3. Responsiveness to your communications via email or phone

4. Speed in finding good candidates

5. Ability to understand and find the right candidates to save you time

6. Only send you vetted candidates, so every recommended candidate from them is a potential hire

7. Ability to find vetted candidates that others do not

8. Ability to know more about each candidate

9. They are transparent with you about information they know about candidates

10.Willingness to build relationships with your company

11.Focus to develop relationships with candidates and not treat them as numbers

12. They work professionally

13. They take initiative to get the placement done

14. Have a good hit rate on home run placements

You need all of these but usually just think about one or two. Think how much you need each one. Have you ever considered how valuable 8 and 9 together are to you?

The Best Way to Use Headhunters 

1. Focus on one and have another as a spare just in case.

This is because it is too much effort to deeply inform multiple headhunters. Only headhunters who know you deeply will be able to save you time in the process like point 6 above. All good head hunters can access almost all the same candidates.  When headhunters have a competing firm, they dump as many unvetted resumes on you as they can as the first is the winner. It quickly become a beauty contest where the candidate with the best first impression ability wins.  Head hunters are then pushed to package candidates thus making it harder for you to see the real person.  This weighs you down and gets you too interview performance focused when you actually need a good hire.  You need a deeper process from your recruiter.

2. Be open with that one as they serve you much better if they have all the information.

3. Seek partnership with a company who wants to focus on serving you well. They will develop more connections useful to finding you candidates as they are focused on you and your success. This improves what you get on point 7 above. They have confidence to invest more if you are committed.


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