Hubris Harms Hiring

hubris harms hiringI have focused on hiring for more than 25 years (see Video). I had ups and downs in my success in the early years.  My early success led to a failure. I found hubris harms hiring. Let me explain.

I had astounding success in the first factory I managed due to a focus on character recruiting. I was hailed by those around me.   I then, seemed to trust in my good eye. I interviewed a hire for a sister company as a help. He talked very well and shared a story that I said showed his character and love for this work. I signed off on the hire, and they went ahead and made him an offer.

Three years later in 2002, I managed an audit for them and found 100,000 Chinese yuan missing. He and the two people he hired at that remote site colluded to steal the money. What had gone wrong?

Hubris Harms Hiring and Data Resolves

I had been too proud. Therefore, I was too casual in my interview. I took for granted everything he said. Furthermore, my trick for knowing if someone was telling the truth proved to be unreliable in China.

That and other experiences gradually led to a data based solution in 2008 that we then improved over the next three years.

My eye and perspective for finding talent is good. However, ups and downs in our heart lead to hubris and fear depending. So, just as six sigma took intuition out of factory quality systems, we needed to guard against my pride. Data driven became our final success, but we still have a place for tuition.

Intuition still helps our hiring as it leads us to find the right data. Data then guides us to right hire again and again.

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