Human Drift Hurts Company Culture US Shows

human drift hurts company culture

America just published on past bad bahavior

First Canada and now belatedly America is producing data on what happened to Native Americans long ago in an effort to force Indian children into the Western culture. It is a sad story that I am glad is being told.

Some of the data on deaths needs to be set against the death rate in Indian villages to major diseases since no vaccines and no good treatment system then. I do family history and tons of children died in all families in that era.   However, the treatment of these Native American children and the goal and method of Westernizing them seems so similar to what is happening here in extreme Western China now that I had to pause.

Human Drift Hurts Company Culture as Well, Everywhere

We can look at what happens to restive minorities in China and think we are culturally Judeo-Christian and would not do that, but the facts are clear that we did exactly that when we were developing our countries like China is developing theirs now. In both cases even well meaning people produced regrettable cultural harm.

Now, I do not think the Europeans should be smug here. We all need to admit that darkness lives in us and clouds our ability to do good.  What has happened in Western China is regrettable.  However, it is more a sign of how each of us has trouble within us.

This is why I have written that if you have two stellar hires and two politicians working for you amidst 6 normal hires that your culture will be political. This happens because a natural drift toward the dark side is within us all. The two stellar hires will not win unless that are in charge and culturally smart.  None of our cultures are immune to the human drift hurts company culture problem.

It surely happens in China, and I see it regularly in Western companies here. It should not surprise us. SHI Group lives to guard the gates for our customers. We make sure our placements move the needle in the right direction. Western Companies here ought not to leave this to chance as a certain creep occurs. We find good data in recruiting is uncommon and very useful.


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