Ideal China Recruitment: Perfect Hires and Companies?

ideal China recruitmentIn a perfect world, ideal China recruitment helps companies find and understand candidates and helps candidates understand companies. Each is transparent with the other and both can accept that there are no perfect hires and no perfect companies. 

Whether you hire in house or outsource, this would be the ideal. In this world, placements do what you thought they would do and more, and companies are what the hires thought they would be and more.

Patrick Lencioni wrote a famous book called The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and another called The Five Temptations of a CEO. These books reveal that all companies have all five dysfunctions and all CEO’s have all five temptations. It is only a matter of degree. None is perfect.

Yet Lencioni finds, and my experience is the same, that you can form great teams despite having all members with 5 temptations and all teams feeling 5 dysfunctions.  Finding people who are real and self aware of their gaps is of great worth in this environment. They can be ideal, but let’s think together more. 

Recruiting is like Speed Dating

The real recruitment world is more like speed dating for marriage.

In speed dating people dress up, put on their best face, and give their best performance. Neither the guy nor the girl is being completely transparent, but the match is made if they both have a good gut feeling about the other. As we know, the divorce rate is 50% and many people are giving up on marriage, even without the pressure of speed dating. 

Recruiting is similar. Some companies automate because they believe more people means more problems. Of course, they have succumbed to some of the worst aspects of speed dating to get to that point.

How do we manage this natural human tendency to dress up and put on a show when what we need is a long term relationship where we can be real people with our real heart working for a common goal?

First, we need to stop interviewing by looking for that magic gut feeling that makes this a match. See also The Right Fit.  If we do not stop, we can be sure that politics, unwanted turnover, and low productivity will vex us.

We need to get to know our potential team member. And let them know us.

What the Two Parties Want and Deserve to Know

Let’s talk business. Let’s get back toward ideal.

You want to know everything about a candidate that pertains to his or her work. They want to know everything about the work and how deeply you succumb to the temptations and the dysfunctions. You want to know where they want to be professionally five years from now. They want to know which way the company is heading now and where you hope to be culturally and business wise. Both parties need to know the work dreams of the other. 

These are reasonable desires actually. Both sides have a good reason to want to know these things.  If both sides are transparent (and self aware) in these things, and they can accept each other, then a great hire will occur and a long term relationship will develop.

But we cannot simply be transparent with every candidate and see what happens.

Ideal China Recruitment Transparency

Certainly, candidates want to tell us their story.

They may have trouble admitting both their highs and lows.

You need to create an environment that helps them be transparent.

To do this you need to offer some transparency. How much takes closer thinking to know when and how much.

Offering safety and transparency to candidate often can help them be more relaxed and transparent. See Interview Process: Hard For Candidates to Be Real.

Openness creates better fit

In general, when people feel they are valued, and the other has proven to be trustworthy, they are more open. I feel safe when I feel that people see me as valuable and are proven trustworthy and do not reject me. Then, I am more open. The right candidate can be open to us if we show we are trustworthy. Are we?  How fast can they know this about us?  What will be the signs for them?

When a candidate has been open with us, and we see they have the talent and character we need, then we can trust them with more details about the environment of the company.  We can get to know them better.  We can have a better result on transparency if we put in more time and more heart into the interview. So, we do.  See also Recruitment Agency China Deeper Thinking 

Reasonable Transparency Is Attractive Both Ways

Candidates need to know about overtime and how much openness they can expect in the company just as they need to know about hours and wages. Both sides want to know if the other side will help them develop. We need to be more comfortable and in less denial about our own problems. We need to be willing to be transparent if we desire transparency. One team still has some politics that makes things problematic. In another the candidate cannot put up with bosses who have spies among the people the new hire manages. These are things both sides should know before the hire. There are many more potentially.

Beware of Secrecy

But sometimes there are candidates who are given safety and will not tell all.  They have some fatal problem that the truth will expose: the candidate got fired and cannot admit it under any circumstances, or the possible hire always fights with their bosses or even they cannot sell. ideal recruitment

Whatever it is, we dig out these issues and tell them we will not recommend them because they could not admit it. (See China Recruitment: A Place Where You Get Ruined or Succeed)

Hiring people who are secretive about what work they are doing or not doing will not build a great team with accountability and heart.

Be the Best to Attract the Best in Ideal China Recruitment

Some candidates want to know how much politics is living in the culture. I think everyone would want to know.  They want to know about unwanted turnover. They want to know about the business.

If your business is highly political, and you do not plan to solve it, then some candidates would choose not to join if they knew. They will leave quickly or become political if they do join. It takes guts and committed listening to others to solve the politics.  This process would mean you could become more transparent and hire and keep better people. Find more at SHI Group China.

Candidates find out just like you find out and leave you

We recruit and candidates hear the company’s name and then tell us they are not interested. They have heard stories from past employees.

Choosing to not encourage openness and not to seek it in yourself means you cannot be all you can be. That is because you will never get and keep the best. People will leave.

Denial and cover up will hurt you

I was once in a business where it was clear that one senior leader was working against my project. I gathered data and presented to the big boss because I thought he should hear it. He told me he did not want to hear about it. Imagine, he did not tell me to talk about this because the other leader had precedence. He also did not tell me he would stop that leader’s behavior. Two leaders were working at cross purposes, and he did not want to know. I soon left that business. They muddled along for years before finally firing that guy.

This is why companies are not open with candidates we prove are great. These companies have secrets that they do not want anyone to know. They are in denial and not ready to face how serious these issues are.  But a better day is out there. This can change.   Open up the doors and let the right candidates see you for who you are. We make sure you can see them by digging to find real data on them. See China Recruitment Thinking-Resumes are too Limited)

Conclusion on Ideal China Recruitment

Let’s dare to dream about ideal China recruitment where each sees the other well and make a long-term bond. We make sure you know everything relevant about the candidate, and you make sure they know everything relevant about you.  (See China Recruitment Agency Recruiter)

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