Improving the Quality of Hire in China

improving the quality of the hire in China during CovidWhile recruiters have not had enough business during this epidemic, you would think that we could see recruiters improving the quality of the hire in China. Unfortunately, what we hear is things are getting worse. Some talented recruiters moving on to other lines of work may be part of the problem. We have been flexible enough in this time to survive the worst of Covid-19 hiring freezes.

Fortunately for us, the strength of our process top to bottom means we maintain quality even when staffing has to adapt some. The fact that Paul Wang and I are totally committed to recruiting quality means we could improve even while some chaos came to the overall recruiting industry.

Improving the Quality of Hire in China When We Thought Not Possible

We upgraded our hiring into our company using more remote recruiters than we had before. This increased our pool and helped us improve our quality yet more.

For our clients each Dollar, Pound, or Euro, spent in recruiting got more important.  They had to make sure all recruiting would be spot on, and we are just that company. Now, we are even more able to find the hard to find while maintaining quality. One of our specialties is Recruiting Chinese Managers who are spot on every time.

Improvements make me smile, and we improved the relationships internally on our team to make us all smile more. We had always doubted having tight relations internally when using more remote workers. Conditions forcing us to this in the pandemic, we found something good and have actually climb the ladder when other recruiters were sinking.

Hurray! Improving quality of hire during the pandemic worked for us and as we continue to do our work, we improve our system to serve you better.

We are glad to serve our customers with good service and quality that is unbeatable. Contact us. We are glad to respond to your specific needs.


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