In China Less Business Politics-More Biz Success

in China less business politicsWe have lots of experience and deep thought on hiring and leadership. In China have less business politics is our message. Let’s have more forward united momentum.   Companies come to us interested in hiring CEO’s, GM’s and various kinds of Country Leaders in China as they want the best.

Because I have worked as GM a handful of times and China Leader at other times, I have a good sense of what we Western Leaders need in China. I also see what HQ needs in these people.

In China Less Business Politics Can Be the Key

HQ needs people who really can understand HQ’s hopes and concerns and transparently help the HQ work that out in China.  They also usually need them to build a team and retain excellent talent in China. Oh, they also need transparency with the main managers. Unfortunately, it rarely occurs and more politics emerge instead of less. Owners must takes sides , finally loyalty may win, but you will lose many good voices by backing the wrong one.

Hiring the right leadership who are definitely what they say they are is the first step. Seeing they use servant leadership to inspire those they hire, and fire those who will not come along is the next step.  Then, politics gets less and less. We leave politics to the countries we live in. In our businesses, it will be about business and comradery. Politics will disperse.

One other thing that happens when you hire these great leaders is that light dawns and everyone starts working together to make a great impact in the market in China. Voices get heard and new ideas emerge as the team gets energized.

It is an exciting time. My fellow West Point graduate, Mark Clouse, has been creating such excitement at Campbell’s Soup. We did not place him as we are focused on China, but see how he publicly creates energy out of despair, and so we smile. We do that for our clients here in China as well. These right leaders whether they be Chinese or expatriate bring a new day.   Our rigorous recruiting process guarantees it.



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