In the Chinese Business Storm

Chinese business stormIn the Chinese business storm, Western businesses have been hard pressed these years and especially in 2022. We all know that closed borders, lockdowns, Covid zero tolerance, China-Western political tension, logistics overload, government crackdowns and toughness on Western companies specifically have made both living in China and doing business here more troublesome.   Having lived here since 1991, I have generally seen amazing progress in giving me personally an easier and more comfortable life.  However, recently I have seen Western Business in Chinese storm stressed, so recruiting has changed.

Pandemic?  I only got locked down 9 days and that just in the yard I live in. Westerners living in Shanghai really got a life challenge in the lockdown.

Politically, there are troubles between the West and China, but anyone engaging here knows so many good things exist in China.  Friendships on a personal level still can thrive here.

In the Chinese Business Storm Adapting

Some Western businesses just keep moving in China as business is business and people are people. Others indigenize their business and travel here occasionally. Finally, some stop coming at all and work through Chinese people they hire here. Reasons to do business in the world’s 2d largest economy are not hard to find.

As China started closing itself to the West, surprisingly, they started to approve green cards for Westerners like never before in their 5000 year history. I got mine after completing 29 years here in December of 2020.  The huge waiting hall was empty. (Pandemic cleared out the internal portals for sure.) Process took just 4 months and was very professional.  The bureaucracy efficiency here has risen considerably in the last 10 years. This did not feel like decoupling. See also China for China has Risks.

So, the changing dynamics of China mean my customers may have different reasons for hiring, but the need for better hiring has risen with the process. Getting people on the same page with you and wanting to learn your way of doing business transparently is critical in this time, and we are glad to make sure as always.


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