Innovation in China

innovation in ChinaWhen I came to China in 1991, it seemed the only innovation I saw from this Confucian culture was in innovative ways to cheat on certifications and also cheat customers.

Then, as the 90’s moved along, I saw another innovation chance for China. Chinese culture was so far removed from Western culture that they naturally had tons of thinking and ways to do things that Westerners had never thought of. This gave China some innovation edge in this space.

Then, as Chinese people gained more education and gained more confidence, they showed they could find new ways to do things much like Westerners. So, from a low base, I see them catching up.

The map above is from Visual Capitalist and shows really how far China has come.
Sure South Korea is best in Asia, but China at 55.3% is not far behind and ahead of Japan. The rest of Asia is not even competitive except Singapore.

America and Switzerland and Sweden are the only three are in the 60% and above space.

Note how far back Latin America is. That surprises me, but there is the data.

Innovation in China and Much More

So, while companies once came to China for its low labor costs, then later its engineering strength, now you can come to China and find good and more mature innovative hires. See also Leadership Qualities You Need in Hires.

SHI Group searches for many different kinds of hires, but finding innovative hires is something we enjoy. Anyone can say they are innovative. We dig to find out who really has a pattern of innovation.

Furthermore, SHI Group filters out those who have innovation in stealing which is no easy trick, but keeps your IP at home and money in your pocket. We are the home of Real Data and glad to transparently share it with our customers. See video explaining our thoughts on value of Real Data.


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