Insanity in China Recruiting is Too Common

insanity in China recruiting

Insanity in China recruiting occurs as people keep using the same old style though still many not so good hires.  Lets think why the gap is so big.

Here is a list of leadership qualities. There are many, and we can nod our heads at the most popular leadership qualities lists like this one.

  • Trustworthy. …
  • Articulates purpose and goals. …
  • Exemplifies the culture. …
  • Recognizes accomplishments. …
  • Empathetic. …
  • Admits when they don’t have all the answers. …
  • Knowledgeable. …
  • Trusts their people’s expertise.
  • Communicates effectively
  • Demonstrates commitment

In most Western businesses in China. finding leaders with 5 of these qualities is rare, and one who is trustworthy even more rare. Um, many companies think they have the right hire, but they are deceived. It is really a bad problem. Great leadership in China is not common. However, Chinese people respond great to great leadership and do great work when properly led.  The ‘properly led’ piece is where things usually fail.

So if you have a top leader and 6 subordinate leaders in your China business, how many of them are exemplary according to the list?  That gap is leaving a lot of money and accomplishments on the table. See also Great Leadership or Just Common Leadership.

Insanity in China Recruiting Hurts Western Recruiters So Much

The sad thing I see is a lot of companies who have some gaps and finally make a move will end up hiring someone by the same process that got them the mix they have now.   A popular quote that may come from Alcoholics Anonymous says:

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.

This idea is patently obvious and so oft quoted. However, we tend to fall into it in our work, and especially in recruiting.  Yes, they often hire a different recruiter after bad hire, but the new one uses the same methed that caused the last bad hire.  The result is that recruiting has a bad name.

It is obvious that recruiting needs a new model, but people guess if they keep trying the same old way, they will succeed, meaning get lucky. That is crazy.  I know some people who say China is just that way.  I totally disagree. Good to great leaders can consistently be found and placed in China. Our company follows a distinctly different process as see the recruiting industry is broken. We think our customers deserve a chance to not be insane.  You may also like Great Recruiting is Very Hard Work.

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