Integrated China Recruiting Works

integrated China recruiting SHI Group sees some companies recruit, and notices some background check, and see each have some merit in their effort. We found we needed an integrated process to get the right hire the virtually every time.  SHI Group found integrated China recruiting works. Having led other companies in China, I found you need a special kind of company that did not exist in the market. That company must have the China business understanding to be able to know more deeply what you mean and even think ahead to clarify what will work. We had that naturally. Integrated recruiting also needs a recruiter with the perseverance to look under every rock for the people you need.

After that, SHI group has recruiters who have the heart to interview deeper than you would to understand the person that is right for you.
Furthermore, you need someone who has the experience to know the questions to ask to set up the background check. Not all questions are checkable. Some are more clearly checkable.  See more at Executive Recruitment in China.

Think about the Temptations

Then we need recruiters who can overcome the temptation to train a candidate to be the one you want. That is no small feat under pressure to get you someone.  Moreover, you need someone who can represent your company rightly and neither too good or too bad. This includes caring to find out what you are like.

Not easy, lots of temptations along the way actually.

Integrated China Recruiting Needs a Whole Lot

Then if you like this candidate, SHI Group needs to be able to integrate what happened in the interverview with information and people they can talk to.  Then we can get a true picture of the candidate and whether they could be true in places where they would be tempted.  That is a skill that takes experience, smarts and heart. No strong sense of ownership, and you cannot get there. Finally, this recruiter needs to be honest and tell you when the best candidate is actually lying.   Temptations exist all around this for the candidate and the recruiter. Both have strong reasons to lie and cover up at the critical moment. So it is very complicated and tiring to get a business that can consistently implement on this. You may also enjoy Three Keys to Success in China.


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