Integrity Foremost, A Phrase To Implement

Integrity Foremost, A Phrase To Implement

The CEO of GM is Mary Barra, and she wants integrity foremost. She also wants people who will take ownership and be part of the team from the start.  We agree and want to talk to this.

If you have a management candidate who tells a story of his or her famous exploits that fit your need exactly, is that good news?  Our answer is: “Unlikely”

We are recruiters. Why do we say “Unlikely”

Two reasons. 1:Perfect candidates do not really exist as no people are perfect.  2: 72% of candidates lie to get the job offer, and liars usually tell the most attractive story.

Good candidates exist. Excellent candidates exist.   Perfect candidates actually do not if we think about it enough.

We are super happy when the candidate who appears excellent in every way proves to really be excellent in every way. It does not happen very often. At SHI Group, we always hope candidates will become more honest. Unfortunately, we sense they are simply getting more tricky.

Integrity Foremost Needs To Be Actualized

We all know it does not help to get a candidate who only says they are great. What you need is someone who really is who they say they are. Not only do they have all the experience and achievements they said, but also they have shown that they will tell the truth even when it is hard.  Both are valuable to you.  So, we totally agree about placing integrity foremost. We do not think that should be a motto. Further, we know it needs to be actualized through hard work. See Recruiting Agency in China 7 Ideas for Choosing

On a related point, Mary indicates she wants people who will take ownership. We could not agree more. SHI Group is a company who takes clear ownership of our placements as we kick out people we know you would not want instead of foisting them on our clients.   We also look out for this in hires.  Also, people who do not make excuses and take responsibility are in the same group of those that can be honest in the interview. They are about real things, and so they bring their whole selves to work. In some acidic companies they will gradually lose heart. Often they will be the first to self select off such teams unless they are in charge. If they are in charge, they take ownership of the problem and make ownership stronger all around.

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