Internal is External in China Business

internal is external in ChinaMany companies are careful about what is shared outside the company, but not as careful on the inside. That is natural. However, with the internet and strength of social media in China, internal is external in China business.

Glassdoor is an obvious and public example in the US. In China, people do not have to put your words on their WeChat moments to get the word out.

Chinese People Talk And Social Media Helps

They just start sending what they heard in your company to their friends and that travels around mighty fast where your China company is located. Of course, they also put it on their moments and more public media as well.

Internal is External in China More Than You Know

It is sad when we call up candidates, and they are interested until we mention your company name. This is caused by not understanding your China management as well as you should. Just because they can sell does not mean they are making you a stronger company in China.

Many leaders discourage their whole team and also treat candidates poorly. That word gets around quick with WeChat.

We often have candidates for leadership positions who will look down on our recruiter if they are younger. We see that as a red flag. These leaders who cannot see value in others younger than they are are trouble and would give you a bad name.

Laslo Bock, former head of Google HR sounded a warning on building your company culture.  Hiring is the raw material for your culture. He, like us, saw the importance of the internal issues of companies. He said,

Failures of culture have been the single biggest destroyers of value in the last five years.

He says more and welcome to see the whole article at Inc.

Mediocre hiring followed by training often leads to ineffective training.  The problem is the raw material of good hiring has not been used. Mediocre wins again and again. Results follow. See also Why We Background Check.

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