Is It Useful To Have Better Guards and Locks?

Is It Useful To Have Better Guards and Locks?

How about get better locks for your house and then invite the thieves one by one to come and stay in your home? 

The fox is in the coop. So let’s get better locks to keep out the predators while we invite more foxes in. 

Sorry if this sounds like nonsense. However, it does seem to be the behavior of most Western Companies here in China. 

Many companies are busy developing systems to stop the thieves from stealing.  Then they hire foxes to manage the system. Some people think having finance report abroad will solve the problem. It is all all rather naive.  

Yes, It is Good to Have Better Guards and Locks, But

Ok, no company decides to search for and hire a fox and give him or her an offer. However, what have they done to keep from hiring the fox? Have they ever refused someone on account of what they found in the background check?

We find 72% of people are lying on the background check, and we withdraw their names. So how many foxes are in management in Western companies and manage some or all of the system to prevent misappropriation?

Take heart, for 9.5 years, we have been refining our methodology and feel confident when we recommend a candidate that we give you an excellent hire. We took the guessing out. And yes they are not thieves. SHI Group does better than not give you a thief  We give you trustworthy people of proven talent and character. I believe we are unmatched in the market. Take a look at Good China Hiring is Hard

I know a Fortune 1000 American company here who does everything in their power to keep money disappearing in purchasing and can only say they keep it to low levels by an exhaustive system. Oh my. 

I know a fork lift driver for a large company whose wife does not work, and they own two nice houses and a foreign car.   Why would anyone be worried about the thief outside the gate?

Let’s get better leadership and better teams in China in 2019. Good and capable people exist. We can do better.     

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