Is Recruiting About The Money?

Is Recruiting about the moneyYou care about the recruiting, and we care about the money. Hey, Wait a minute! That does not sound right.  Well, How about  you care about the money, and we care about the recruiting? Is recruiting about the money?

In truth, we are all here for the money. As a former GM and present business owner, I see that, but the right recruiter, right candidate and right company can take a longer view of this question.

The candidate wants to enter a company where he or she can achieve their potential. The company wants a hire that can bring them great profits and be a pleasure to work with. We as recruiters want the candidate, plus the people he will manage and report to — to be happy and productive together.

The result will be a high ROI on the hire. Unfortunately, all three parties can succumb to short term thinking on the hire.  As unusual recruiters, we have lost money and made tons of work for ourselves by demanding each hire be great.  We often have to kill many more candidates than the hiring managers.

Is Recruiting About the Money? Sometimes…

If it was just about money, then it would be a different decision making about what information we would give to our customers about candidates we find. For many candidates it is just about money. Their decision making leads to covering up their gaps and lying about their successes and creating a very different picture than occurs when they are at work.

We solve the recruiter and candidate gap by filtering out those for short term glory in the interview. They tell stories that do not give a true picture.  We never partner with candidates to package them. We uncover and urge them to tell the truth. Few can change their habits. Liars will keep lying. See also Perfect Resumes.

We seek customers who want to tell us the whole truth about their leadership and overall culture. We pass the good and the bad along to our candidates. Getting the right people to apply for your specific opportunity is what we do.

We filter our recruiters carefully to only hire those with the same vision we have. Get rid of the liars from our pool of candidates even if it makes a lot more work for us. See also What Do Chinese Employees Want?

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