Is the Problem Bad Hiring?

bad hiring so silosSHI Group exists to put an end to bad hiring. Factions, jealousy, silos and more all have one root. Bad leadership and bad hiring, hmm, that is two but it seems one.

Getting good leadership is clearly the best and most important step.  You need one who does not foment politics as gets to know the real story is surely one step. Good leaders inspire those under them and get to know all. They also need good support though. Getting the best recruiting is just the right thing to keep politicians out of the management. We bring in managers who lead well and get what the top leader needs to bring all together. They do not make silos that slow things down. We serve your China organization to make sure you have the right leadership team.

Abandon Bad Hiring!

Troubled companies here that make little money or cost too much in the sourcing have the same root. Bad hiring has very high costs. Some times these companies have bad salesmen which we often help companies solve. Other companies have problems with the whole supply chain responsiveness to sales.

There is poor cooperation between production and sales or sourcing is not keeping up. It takes a whole team from finance to shipping. We help companies here and in the US to do better with their China effort.

Great hiring is critical to every step and the right people exist. We solve it with our rigorous recruiting process that takes the guess work out of hiring. We know to oppose The Power of Lying.

SHI digs deeper on your company to represent you better. We tell candidates the whole truth about you. Then we find out the whole truth about the candidates (with their permission) and with good data (see video) for both sides, you not only make a good decision but keep the politicians off and look forward to better hiring.

How about a Productivity boost for your business?

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