Is Top Down Leadership the Chinese Way?

top down leadership the  Chinese wayMany companies in China have leaders that stand way above the next level management. However, is top down leadership the Chinese Way?

To this, we add an emphatic No! Is it too common, yes. Even Singaporeans may lead like this. The good news is we find that servant leadership is still alive and working in China. We can readily find these leaders and check out if their stories are true. We can filter to the great leaders quite readily. To filter out those who are the great liars is harder work, but we get that done as well. With SHI Group, you can get the best leaders each time as we check candidates out so closely.

Top Down Leadership the Chinese Way? Not Required

It is true that over 72% of China leaders who speak English are lying to get the job offer. The good news is that the rest are not lying, and we can find them. When SHI Group finds the great ones, we push you to make sure you see them well. They are worth so much when you hire them.

It is not about the money. The right person is the right person and may cost less. I know an international recruiter who vets candidates who will be loyal to him and his company in China and not to the hiring company alone. Can you imagine the cost to companies who are losing excellent candidates who only want to be loyal to the company that hires them? Those that will maintain a dual loyalty that is not public to the hiring manager move forward. Can you imagine paying to put a spy in your company to help another company? It happens, and those people are working now.

We are with you and have the ability and the honesty to make sure you get the right placement every time.  We make sure to keep the top down leaders out of your business.  SH Group gets people who want to learn your way of doing business and work just for you as well.

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