Keeping Chinese Candidates Warm

keeping Chinese candidates warm Keeping Chinese candidates warm is a critical job. It is not just about losing them to a competitor. It is also about losing their passion for your company.

SHI Group is very careful not to over promise on timing. We ask closely on timing because it is very bad for candidates to say they will hear from you this week and then check email all week and get nothing.

However, you have a business and things can happen. Companies rarely send a quick note to candidates and copy us to say they need to delay. They might tell us. It is much better if you write candidate directly and cc us. We can follow up.  Every touch you can make helps keep the candidate with you instead of just through us. It is a big difference in how the candidate feels.  They do not know you and need more direct touch points.

We can call candidates every day, but that will not save you these candidates. Once we have passed a candidate to you the clock is constantly ticking. We strongly suggest keep touching these if you cannot move the process forward, and do everything to move forward. Engagement is highest at the very start and each day that passes hurts engagement even if you can finally hire this person. You have lost something if you left him or her hanging for over a week with no touch.

You may say, “We may not want him.” Yes, maybe, but he is in your industry, and his friends will hear how you treated him. Word like this travels. Even if your recruiter treats him bad, it will reflect on your company.

Keeping Chinese Candidates Warm and Informed Ultimately Lies with You

We stay in close touch, but these guys are not joining our company. Their whole focus is on you.

They talk to us to find out about you.

So, once again, you want to hire slow and fire fast. However, we should not leave candidates in the dark for a week. Companies cannot relay on recruiters once the candidate is in your hands. The candidate wants to hear from you.

If you have interviewed a candidate and decided not to pursue him of her, tell us, and we will tell the  candidate. Let’s keep candidates warm but not deceive them or leave them hanging.


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