Lao Tzu Knew Some Leadership

lao tzu knew some leadershipLao Tzu founded Taoism and now we see Lao Tzu knew some leadership. Take a look at this quote from Lao Tzu,

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

Now, taken to extremes, this statement would apply to a ghost of a leader. I am confident that is not what Lao Tzu meant.

So what did he mean? Can you picture the leader he is referring to?

Some leaders go out of their way to give credit to those working for them. I hope some of you have enjoyed working for a leader like this. He or she makes the people they employ the heroes of the story. People come to work most days energized. Innovation and excellent customer service grow exponentially. They know that people make great products, and so you need to treat them well.

This is not a new idea, but one hard to find in practice.

Thus, for every guy who describes to us that he is that leader, we affix a doubt.  Anyone can spout a theory or explain a good model of leadership. Also read SHI Group First Doubts Everything We Hear.

Furthermore, many can tell flowery stories of how they are that way. I had a guy tell me about 5 years of his this kind of behavior. He had been fired during probation. Who know what he was doing that 5 years as he says he was at that company using great leadership. Only some very few are actually that way.

Lao Tzu Knew Some Leadership and We Find the Candidates Who Have It

The genius of our business is we specialize in filtering out the theory guys. We also get rid of the great story guys. All of them will be a great disappointment when you hire them. See also Beyond the Resume and Interview Needed.

The great leaders of this and other slight variations rise to the top in our process. We love uncovering the real data and letting that lead us to the candidates suitable to our clients.


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