Lead With Empathy to Make Your Company Stronger

lead with empathyHere is a surprisingly heartwarming article with a lesson for all of us.  May we lead with empathy.

My alma mater put out an amazing article on the career of an inspiring  leader, Brig, General Jebb.  It is not her charisma that carries the day. Take a look at the article here. (page down a little to the article)

To understand and see the trials, even the personal trials, of workers is central to all good leadership. See the worker when they are down, and your empathy will engage them like never before. So I am not giving you a technique, but I am speaking a truth.

We need to touch our own humanity and reach for that which is good.

Moreover, reaching farther is to really see workers without them saying anything.  Do you have the pulse of your workers? Let’s get to that.  See this quote on her leadership.

With (your) words and putting them
into practice yourself by leading us with
kindness and empathy, you have instilled
vulnerability, strength and courage into the
Corps of Cadets.

The US Army is Lead with Empathy?

The Army is known as a hard knocks institution. How could this be glorified? When leaders are vulnerable, they are strong. and the Army needs strength.  We think your company in China does to.  We are searching for great leaders for our customers all the time. See also Empathy and Leaders.

We love when leaders start, and the little people in the company are happy. Someone has come who will see them, and help them to be all they can be. That is how work is meant to be and gets done well. Then the best workers stay, and the politicians are driven out.

China has these kinds of people as well.  Many in interview can appear to be these people. Only a precious few are, and it is SHI Group‘s job to dig them up.



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