Let’s Ban Business Politics- by Planning

ban business politicsWhat would work be without politics? It would be so much better. Now, first left me say that a first step may be to ban business politics, but it will not make it disappear instantly. We need to think how to reduce it continually.

SHI Group stands at the gate to provide talented and trustworthy people, who do good work to gain fame rather then use political efforts to trick the boss.

We are not recruiters who interview 15 minutes and pitch h0ping to get lucky. SHI Group commits to finding out who people are at the core. This takes a much longer interview like 1-2 hours. Our recruiters do not ask for theories of leadership as anyone can say what is best, but few can do it when the need arises. We need to know what the candidate does in these spaces and times that sets them apart from others.

As it is also easier to tell a good story of great accomplishments than to actually do it, we cannot be led on by smooth talkers. We have to hold an attitude of healthy doubt over all we read and hear.

Giving Teeth to Ban Business Politics Hopes

At the end, the background check is brutal. Every effort candidates made to look better than they are is uncovered. You would be surprised how often the very best resume and interview you had proved to be a lie. It was only based on a true story. So the story had a core that was true, but the whole story was far from that core truth. The candidate had reason to cover up what he or she covered up. However, it means that when companies hire the one with the best interview, he or she proves to be a skilled politician that is hard to pin down. They are hard to get rid of as well. Guarding the gate is the best method.

No faker gets through our background check, so a person who does real work and is practiced at doing real work enters your work force. If this person is high on the org chart, it means that much good work behavior will start to occur below that person. Instead of having good people resign and leave, you have politicians being forced out by the real leader we placed. Productivity rises as does happiness in the organization. That’s our commitment. We love bringing it about though it is a ton of work to get to that right person.

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