Light Beyond Covid in China

light beyond covidDo you sense light beyond Covid is coming? Many people interested in China are waiting for the spike in infections during holidays travels here.  If the rest of China can get infected this month, then the way is clear for China to reconnect further with the business world. We sense light around the corner.

Remote areas already had Covid in early January, so this second peak may not be too big. China will not be publicly saying the outcome as cover up is so much a part of China culture.

It is looking like the bulk of the nation will be over and business rebounding sharply beginning even by Feb 1. This will help the  whole world I guess.  I can say, though late and awkward, they have done a very efficient opening with everyone getting the disease almost at once in this highly connected country. The only protests I have heard about are over bans on personal fireworks. Seems they have come through the worst though the death toll will still grow for some time.

Indeed Light Beyond Covid Is Coming

It past time to catch the tsunami of activity coming to China after the long winter of Covid. Chinese people and businesses are so ready to throw of the shackles and the barriers and be productive or simply be free.

I suggest it will be quite a Year of the Rabbit. Our business is getting busier is the first sign, but the news I link to above says it is not just SHI Group. They say service industries will rebound fastest and manufacturing will be close behind. We here in China could not be happier to breath again. To me last issue is always carrying a face mask to enter stores. Already I see fewer masks. The complete freedom is almost here in China. Welcome to come visit, or hire us to get you people here to serve this market.


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