Limits of Interview Value

limits of interview valueInterviews are valuable, but at SHI Group we see the limits of interview value. I guess you do to. Anyone can write anything on a resume. Then, talking to you in the interview, they can sense what you want to hear and tell you though it has not connection to reality. Any lie they wrote in resume; they will follow up with matching lie in interview every time.

So what is the value of interview?  First, the value of interview to us is to get them to tell us details that we can check. Secondly, we can find out more about their path and any important mentors they had and how they learn. Teachability is always so valuable.  We can also see if they show transparency and can be vulnerable 0r just prove themselves. We also learn about their style through the conversation. All the data we consider doubtful.

The Limits of Interview Value Are Severe If You Want Verifiable Data

Only the background check linked with our interview can give us the first objective and verifiable data. Most recruiters do a background check that is just a paper push. The candidate gives then a name and number, and they call it and all approved.  Nothing is verified. The name and number may just be their friend pretending. SHI Group verifies and finds that out. We do not accept any reference that we cannot verify. It is the hard path we take, but the result is verifiable data.

Every recruiting process for management needs to have at least a batch of verifiable data. Resume and interview means you have none. That is not much of a way to make a hire.

SHI Group saw that and went the extra mile to identify, find, and verify data, so day light could appear and hiring managers could make informed decisions. Its amazing how smart hiring managers can look when the right hires happen again and again.

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