Low Engagement in China – Harvard Survey Results

low engagement in ChinaI write about low engagement in China often and how much you have to gain from high engagement here and here.    Oh, and half a dozen more on engagement here.

Harvard Business Review came out with a recent study that is surprising by any measure. They find 19% of Chinese people were highly engaged in 2015 and only 6% in 2018.

The results shocked Harvard, so they went back to survey in another way to check, and it verified the surprising results.

The main part of the results found that people who felt they are part of a team had dramatically higher engagement. Welcome to go read it all. I will write on that topic next week.

Let’s talk today on the low and now shockingly low engagement in China over just three years.

You Can Solve Low Engagement in China in Your Space

Bosses are bad and recruiting in China is mostly so bad,. That is way too stable, unfortunately, so always 80% of the people not super happy to be at work. Something else must be at work.

We see that candidates are asking us more questions now about the environment they will enter into. Further, they will not take our word for it and will go directly to the company to get satisfaction. Their parents could work for the same crummy state owned company for 30 years.  Now, most people now are asking for more. Actually, we could say a lot more. The bad news in the data is tons of people who you fail to engage will hang around your company for years.  They will be either collecting a check or actually working against any move you make secretly.

Hiring the right leaders is the first step to high engagement. High pay will never get you high engagement long.

You need leaders who are smart and make good decisions. Even more so, you need them to inspire, encourage, and develop people below them. Finding these people is no mean feat, but very worth the effort.


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