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Catching up a little after vacation last week when the blog was on auto pilot.  Pasting a few words from Forbes.  See the whole article here

Regardless of who the CEO may be, operational execution takes place at the mid-level and supervisory level. When these individuals are well aligned, coached, and trained, the business thrives.

High-performing companies understand this, and they build a leadership development program which uniquely trains, supports, and selects people who drive their business’s strategy. By doing this, they build execution into the culture.

Leadership counts.  It has great impact at the top, but often it is just trickle down below. Companies even indigenize without any clear method to hold on to their path.  Getting the right people in the right chairs and then getting them on track is a big job.  The article notes it is critical, and lower managers are the implementers of your vision.

I so agree with this article.  I  see messy staffing situations as a key drag on productivity of Western Companies in China.  What do you see?

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