Making Great Recruiting Decisions is About Data

making great recruiting decisionsI saw an article from Mike Burns last week on making great decisions. I noticed that he said getting enough data is key. We find the same. Everyone can get lucky now and then in hiring.  Making great recruiting decisions consistently is another story. Lacking data is the biggest problem. We have mostly seen companies lean toward not enough diligence on good data and never seen a company with too much data.

Companies get too little data and much of it is not true data and then they wonder why recruiting is hit and miss.

Being data focused is important in business as we all know. In manufacturing we are aware that we can get false data that leads us down the wrong trail to fix a quality problem. How often have companies realized that their failure to know the bad data they had caused the bad hire. They will say “We fired Jack as he was not productive and did not get along with the team well.” The data they collected said everyone loved Jack everywhere he went. Data also says he was a high achiever everywhere.

So did Jack just change when he joined you? Did he suddenly go bad? Were you unlucky in this?

Making Great Recruiting Decisions Means Having Better Thinking

We should be asking? What was wrong with our data when we hired Jack? Why did we not know the last two places fired him for making more trouble than benefit?

So the question of enough data is to get enough verified or true data. Eveything gets better when we get real data to make decisions like Mike says.

The other piece of the data we are missing is the candidates often do not have the real data about us. They need real data too, or they will probably be unhappy when they find out the truth when they join you. See also Decision Making Biases.

It seems we are the champions of real data in China recruiting. We live to help your customers get there every time.



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