Manage the Unseen to Succeed in China

manage the unseenIn our business we are data driven to get the consistently right candidates for our customers. Data is usually something measurable, meaningful and reproducible.  However, today I want to note that the most important things in a company are unseen. Invisible things count most actually. Let’s manage the unseen better.

For example, every company has beliefs, values, and assumptions.  These vastly impact every company whether they realize it or not.  They impact other invisible things like trust, passion, focus and on and on.  They deeply affect every person you hire.

So let’s think about how to manage that.  We know that when our customers interview our candidates that something happens, and they will want to move forward with candidate or not. Something invisible happened. Sometimes the customer can describe why the person is a match and sometimes not. Regardless, we also give the customer a lot more data that is verified or verifiable. We believe you have to know the verifiable data to make the best choice. The tricky candidates can manipulate you in unmeasurable ways. They are masters of the unseen in a bad way.

We are very careful in this way as realize that any candidate we place will have a vast impact on the invisible things in the companies we serve.   It is those things that really matter most, and we are always looking for data to help us know how the unseen will be impacted with any candidate we find. We choose to doubt first and only trust after verifying. See Why We Backgrond Check.

Manage the Unseen or It Will Manage You

Naturally, the top management has the most impact.  Silence, a certain look, or ambiguous comments are mostly untraceable but used by bad leaders to accomplish their purposes that are at cross purposes with company goals. They destroy morale and cause good hires to leave while people loyal to the bad leader move up and protect him or her. Also read How Toxic Company Culture in China Can Be Fixed.

Companies do well to guard their gates and not let these people get hired where they can cause so much trouble that is unexpected. It is amazing to me how often good people are protecting bad people without knowing it. We make sure these people who are so good at manipulating do not get into your company. We want to give you the good hires to manage the unseen things in your business and work hard to get you there.

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