Market, Capital, Technology and People – Must Always Have

market, capital, technology and people

4 is super hard. Perhaps we handle one ball for you

Market, capital, technology and people.

Every company must keep these 4 balls in the air at all times.

If you are missing one, you will fail as a company.

Market, Capital, Technology and People – The 4 Balls to Keep in the Air

Market – This means paying customers. Many tech start ups like Evernote have tons of users but few people paying. This problem must be solved. Few companies can command hundreds of millions of dollars in start up money. Most companies must be able to earn enough each month to pay the bills via the market.

Capital – As long as you can still keep the lights on you have another chance. However, if you have a company for ten years but cannot pay your workers today, you may be done. If you cannot pay in the foreseeable future, then you are surely done. Many tech companies have gotten great funding so they have capital, but capital will run away from a company if it cannot manage one f the other areas, and all is lost if you have no money to say reach the next level. Said in another way, you must always have enough cash flow.

Technology – This may mean you can defeat the iPhone, but even service companies have a way of doing things that amounts to their technology. You have to be able to deliver the product or service at a price that people want. That is your must have ability.

People – Even a one person company needs that one person, and often they are irreplaceable. Companies that have market, capital and technology, but cannot get the right people in the right place on the bus will fail. Starbucks has an attractive business model, but they must be able to get friendly competent workers in every location. Then they must have people who can make sure they have capital, market, and technology in all the ways they need all the time. Some companies cannot attract the right talent and that will definitely do them in.

You also must be able to stay legally open, but most businesses do not face this risk.

We are a recruiting company and we see we can fix almost any problem you have through getting you the right people. We have found that the right people are talented, teachable, transparent, team players and trustworthy.

We are the only company that can consistently get you all 5 aspects. That is a big part of our technology and why we have monthly capital inflows from our happy and committed customers. We attracted workers to including from Fortune 500 countries because of our transparent business model and attractive leadership.

We can help you get attractive talented leadership that will be transparent with you and help you keep these 4 balls in the air all the time. All of us know that juggling two balls is ok, but three is hard and four nearly impossible. We want to help you do the impossible – and one way is handling the people part for you.

Come and try.

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