More Than a Resume

more than a resumeNo one doubts that candidates are more than a resume. Hiring Managers actually have a much bigger vision. However, the resume has a mystical effect. Once a resume is in hand, the color of everything changes, and all the nice sounding thoughts disappear. We hear that this candidate changed jobs too frequently. SHI Group  knows that 90% of the perfect resumes changed jobs to frequently, but falsified their resumes to show long terms at just a few great companies.   The resume is way too easy to falsify. It is easy to say “I made a bad company profitable,” and totally a different thing to actually do it.

Changing jobs frequently does not mean that a guy is a bad hire. It is very common that a great factory leader works for 10 years for a great company and then has 3 companies in 4 years and is out of work now.  This is not a sign of them being too jumpy in old age. The good company got sold and brought in their own GM, so he was on the street. He has not found a job in 10 years. He is rusty in being a candidate.

More than a Resume? A Lot More

He joins a friends company, but the friends relatives control everything, and he quits after 6 months. His whole career suddenly looks tenuous even though he is a great and experienced leader.

His availability can be good news for you if you can see him. Or did you toss out his resume in just a few minutes?  SHI Group interviews such people for over an hour.We hear the whole sad story. It is tragic, but we see him and send him to you with explanation. Finally, we will background check him and find if the stories are true. We know that people are a lot more than resumes, so dig with wisdom when we sense a diamond in the rough.

There are many more such issues with resumes like the worst hires often have perfect resumes.

Everything we know about candidates from our perspective makes us smile. We send many away as they cannot come clean and tell us the truth. We feel bad for them ad see they are trapped in their facade. They refuse to enter the light of day and then keep their resume secrets. Those secrets will explode whenever they show up at the next company that hires him. The candidate never dealt with his failures, so he will never grow past those gaps or his habit to cover up and falsify facts.

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