Moving Faster in Recruiting

moving fast in recruitingMoving faster in recruiting can be valuable and also can ruin your hiring. Let me explain what we see.

From our perspective, we see a couple critical times. We usually have to wait on the candidate to get a time to interview him or her. Then, we will move quickly.

Once we have interviewed and have someone for you to interview, the clock ticks. You have a day job. It is hard to find time for you and the candidate. Give the candidate some possible times suitable for his time zone and or get us to get some times from the candidate. Picking a time should happen within 24 hours. It rarely does, and it slows down the process and hurts the passion of the candidate. Often it takes a week and your then using up the candidates positive image of you.

The next crisis point is after you interview. Feedback needs to come in days and not weeks.  Even for people you do not want it pays to treat them well as they know people in your market. It is also kind.

Moving Faster in Recruiting and Sometimes Slower

Finally, when it is time for the offer, many companies start to really think about what they are planning to offer and even do with this position. This is understandable but too late as the candidate needs an offer the next day and not the next week or month.  Have all the discussions before this date and some after but not now. You need to get out the verbal offer and then follow with the written with alacrity.

It is not easy to be fast at these places, but it helps you win the candidate to your company.

However, there is also a time to slow down. A proper background check takes one week and often shows a candidate you plan to hire to be be one you need to avoid. Here a rush or unwillingness to hear the truth does not serve you well. It is more work for all of us, but we dodge a bullet when we uncover this fraud before he or she joins your company.

One final note is the interview is also a time to slow down. Take time to ask all that is on your heart and chase every question with another to get to the core thought from the candidate. Get it all.  The good candidate will be glad you dug that far, and the bad candidate will be in worse shape.

So the pace in recruiting has times to slow and times to run, and when you follow that path well, you will be more successful in bring in new hires and get then with their whole heart.

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