Moving Your China Factory – A Chance to Clean House

moving your factory in ChinaMoving your China factory is a big job. I would also like to add that it is a great chance to clean house, and I do not mean unloading junk. . It is a great chance too get rid of doubtful or mediocre hires. However, you also may not succeed in finding certain talent in the next place without great recruiting.

CMC has up a post with thought on moving your China factory that got me thinking about this.

I am not one to let doubtful people stick around.  Getting burned years ago taught me some lessons. Continual pruning is wise as the losses caused by the dead wood are higher than you might imagine. However, taking advantage of a move to clean house is super wise even for the lenient.

Make sure in the second round to be picky about character as well as talent. Character will carry you far and not drag you down as other hires often have.

Planning Ahead on Moving Your Factory in China

Planning ahead on such issues and thinking clearly what you need for the values of your hire is at least as important as what you put in the job description for needed skills. Otherwise you end up with a lot of unwanted skills: politics, pilfering, skimming, falsifying. lying, gossiping, choosing weak hires, and on and on.

No one lists these skills on their resume but some have better skills in this space than what they put on their resume. Just as it does not help to put on the JD that you want honest people. It does not help if the honest people write that on their resume. Our job as premium recruiters is to find out who the honest people are based on real facts we dig up to support the resume and interview.  That gives our customers a clean house which is so helpful when you move you factory or anytime actually.



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