Do You Need Better China Recruiting? 8 Questions to Know

Some companies have a good team. Some just think they have a good team, but really need better China recruiting.

8 Questions to Know If You Are In Desperate Need of Better China Recruiting

1. How long does the middle management stay with the company on average? 4 years or more of keeping great hires puts you above the average which is a poor 2.5 years in China.  What are you doing to retain good workers?

better China recruiting assessment

Funny sign- but we need to know

2. What exactly is good culture? Does your strategy work?  Can the team you hired in China or anywhere take on and retain the good  from your thinking on company culture? or can only the Expats/owners do that? Is the company culture in your China business very similar to the company culture in you home country, for example on teamwork? It could be.

3. Do leaders make hires that are very strong? If hires cannot compare with leaders, then leaders are protecting themselves by hiring weak people. See proper Recruitment Agency China work.

4. Are they super nice to you and have testy relationships with other managers?

5. How is the transparency on the team? Do managers tend to keep secrets? For example: Can you freely talk to your distributors/suppliers? Can Expats have time alone with their distributors/suppliers? Or are the sales/purchasing people always in the middle (hiding information)? Only transparent managers can draw in transparent people.

6. Are deliveries on time and accurate? Can managers keep their words?  Does their Yes = Yes? Did you know 72% of your managers lied to get the Job?

7. Are workers complaining? Talking much about their pay or unhappy with their pay? Bad leadership leads to: we want to earn more and work less. Complaints about pay are almost always related to bad leadership and bad culture.

8. Do managers take responsibility, or do they tend to blame others? Get Better China Recruiting.

Better China Recruiting is Within Reach and Worth Having

Actually, there are more subtle and detailed signs, but this list can show a lot. Do not say to yourself, “these people complain about pay. they are just slackers.”  You must notice and think on these signs. They are usually just the tip of the iceberg of much bigger problems, usually costing my customers over 25% loses annually.


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