Need New People? – Make The Rare Triple Play

I may not catch this webinar, but what they say in the opening here is so right….

Hiring + 90 Wisdom and M4R Model: Managing and Engaging in the First Quarter

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Hiring the right person – check. Managing the new hire – check. Engaging the new hire – uh oh! The first 90 days can make or break on-boarding, team integration, and, most importantly, engagement. Every generation of workers appreciates feedback and coaching

They mention a triple play.  Get the right guy, manage him or her and engaging him or her.  Very few companies manage all three well, and the costs are high.   Workers start their first day with us wanting to make their mark. They come in ready to achieve.  90 days later they are your unmotivated staff.  Some leaders even blame the staff.

All we need to do is maintain the motivation they brought in the door, and we are gold.  Super focus om hiring the right people is needed. See some of my other posts on that here.  For maintaining worker motivation, find some here. Actually, managing a worker and engaging him are so much the same to me.  Managing correctly from the same side of the table leads to engagement.  Just being friends is not engagement. Managing, clarifying, and coaching faithfully leads to engagement.    All are valuable and more urgent than you think. 90 days passes fast.


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